Our inspectors are professional, courteous and strive for excellence with our continuing education and training programs. We act as a liaison between design professionals and construction personnel, when necessary. Click here to see a gallery of projects that we have been involved with during a construction phase.



Although we have years of experience in designing buildings of steel framing, wood framing, and tilt-up wall panels, our main focus is on providing Special Inspection Services. However, in recent years, we have started designing miscellaneous steel structures for local manufacturers. Click here to see a gallery of projects that we have engineered.


Our Staff

We are proud to hire individuals with unwavering ethics and integrity. Our staff strives to be professional, humble, and calm under a wide range of situations that can occur on the job site. Click here for a brief introduction.

Our Philosophy:

Due to Andrea’s background as a structural engineering building designer, we realize the importance of every note, plan and section cut on the design documents. We also understand the pressures and time constraints that engineers are up against while working in an office environment. On the other hand, we witness the struggles that Contractors undergo in the field when a detail is not constructible or when structural items are incorrectly located in the field (such as cast-in-place anchor bolts for column base plates). Because we relate to both sides of the team (Contractors and Design Professionals), we are in a unique position. We feel comfortable about placing a phone call to an Engineer or Architect to ask questions that would expedite corrective activity in the field or to clarify items on the drawings or in the specifications. We know the “languages” that both sides speak, and are fluent in both. We strive to prevent deviations from the plans whenever possible, knowing that deviations result in time-consuming RFIs. We know that a designer’s time is better spent elsewhere and that it takes more time and expense to fix a mistake than to do it correctly the first time. If you agree with our philosophy, give us a call before you begin your next commercial construction project!